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Which is the right one for your website?

With so many different types of hosting in today’s market, how do you know which is the right type of hosting for your business? At Cloud 4 Sure we want to make sure you get it right first time as finding out later can be a costly mistake. If you have any questions about what is right for you then please do not hesitate to get in touch, and advice is FREE!



Shared hosting is exactly that. Your website is hosted on a server that is configured to host many websites. There are advantages to this type of hosting, cost being the main one, but there are disadvantages to. If another website hosted on the same server is very popular then this may affect your website performance.

Shared hosting is good for small sites, or newer sites that don’t get a lot of traffic.



Reseller hosting is pretty much the same as shared hosting, also called multi-site hosting. This type of hosting gives the account owner the ability to allocate their service resources to multiple websites. This is generally done via a control panel or management software which enables easy provisioning.

Reseller hosting is great if your planning on selling web hosting as a business or if you’re a website designer.



Cloud hosting is a new hosting technology that is provisioned across many servers that are connected via the internet so they look like one large server. This enables the hosting company to grow the platform as the demand grows. If you expect your website to grow quickly and generate a lots of traffic then this is the host for you.

Cloud hosting is great for busy websites and the next logical step up from shared hosting.



Virtual private servers share server hardware and resources but act like many, separate servers. This is a great solution for those who wish to have their website separate from other websites and avoids the issues with someone elses busy website slowing yours down.

A VPS is a great stepping stone between shared hosting and a dedicated server, normally priced on the guaranteed resources purchased.



Dedicated hosting is when your purchase a physical server that is hosted in a data centre. You have full control of the server and can install any operating system and software. A dedicated server is the highest level of server you would need if a lot of resources are required to run a busy website.

Ideal for larger businesses, big website projects or those who want to ensure security at every level.



Colocation hosting is where you rent space in a cabinet in a data centre. You supply you own physical server hardware, and they provide connectivity, power, cooling and physical security. You are responsible for your own hardware in the event of failure, data storage and backups.

This is ideal is you wish to host your own VPS servers or have a specific requirement that requires this type of solution.

Self Service


This is do it all yourself hosting plan. You purchase the server hardware and host it in your own premises. You will need to ensure adequate power, cooling and bandwidth. You would require a lot of technical skills to manage this successfully. The most expensive solution.

Ideal if you need to grow your infrastructure quickly or need day to day hands on server hardware.



Managed hosting is an extension to dedicated hosting, where the hardware is leased to a single client. The day-to-day management and maintenance of the server is done by the hosting providers technical staff, this would include software upgrades, hardware monitoring and repairs.

A managed server is good if your requirements demand that of a dedicated server but don’t have the technical skills to support it.